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As a hot-sauce fan, I have found the Guru Hot Sauce to be the best in the market!  I love how the Guru is flavorful, tasty and yet does not overpower the palate.  There is a noticeable kick with the sauce; however it does not linger for an extended period of time unlike other sauces which focus on heat only.  I actually go through about a bottle per week, so I need to start looking into volume discounts!

Guru sauce goes well with a variety of foods and styles.  Some of my favorite applications include:  Hot-dogs, Hamburgers, Eggs, Spaghetti, and Tacos.  Really, the possibilities are endless!  Here’s a personal favorite of mine, try mixing this with a little guacamole when making your own salsa.  You could also add this to a marinade sauce to put on your finer cuts of meat (steaks, ribs, chicken).

If you have not yet tried this sauce, you’re missing out on a world of experience and I highly suggest you pick up one.

 Kris ~ Westminster, CO


REALLY Tasty!  You can taste the "pear base", which is unique!  We've enjoyed it mixed into Spanish Rice, in Bloody Marys, spaghetti sauce and as a "final touch" to my home-made ham and split pea soup! 

John ~ Kansas City, MO


The Guru kicks a**.  My family puts it on just about anything except deserts.  It has just the right heat with this wonderful savory sweet taste.  The new ranch!

Jeramiah ~ Bemidji, MN


I have tried the Guru hot sauce and find that it has an amazing great taste.  I now put Guru on everything that I eat.  It goes well with any entree.  We brought Guru to Illinois and my family and friends absolutely love it.

MOST DEFINATELY everyone should buy some, try it, and fall in love with it.

Sara ~ Westminster, CO


I met you all at the 2008 food show in NM.  I have to say that I LOVED the sauce.  Everyone who tastes it wants some.

Louis ~ Schenectady, NY






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