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Photo Gallery


Chef Eric

Chef Eric invites you to try his complex and sophisticated sauce. It is sure to put a smile on your face! Eric wants to remind you that his sauce is all about the flavor.


The Guru Hot Sauce(TM) is made with the finest ingredients; need I say the ingredients are also fresh? Can you identify all the ingredients in this photo?


The fruit flavor found in the Guru Hot Sauce(TM) goes well with seafood. There are many other dishes, such as Asian food which can draw upon the complex flavors to create an enjoyable meal.

A Quick Bite

Looking for a quick bite? Grab some bread, melt some butter, garlic, cheese and throw it in the toaster until brown. Put some Guru Hot Sauce(TM) on the warm bread and enjoy!


Feel free to slather on the Guru Hot Sauce(TM) when you are baking chicken. The sauce works equally well if the chicken is broiled, grilled, or fried. The possibilities are endless!

Fresh Habeneros

Peppers from one of our producers. Aren't they beautiful!

Pepper sauce development

These are some of the other sauces Chef Eric has experimented with, such as: Aged Cayenne; Fruit & Habanero; Vietnamese Rooster Style; and Large Cayenne

Please check back with us for future flavors of the Guru Hot Sauce(TM)! Feel free to leave us feedback if there is a specific flavor you are interested in.

2008 Fiery Foods Show

We served over 2,500 samples of our sauce at the show.

2008 Fiery Foods Show

Our booth at the show. Guru was a new product and was well received.




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